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    Introducing Ethermint — Part 1

    Introducing Basecoin Testnets

    Join VENUS, the new Ethermint Testnet — Part 3

    Quickstart Guide — Connecting to the Latest Testnet

Upcoming Talks

Date Topic Event Location
13th April 2018 DAPP Development Meetup DAPP DEV Meetup Kiev
16th April 2018 DAPP Development DAPP DEV Conference Kiev
19th April 2018 Scaling with Cosmos Tendermint - Scaling blockchains with Cosmos. A developer deep dive! London
3rd May 2018 The IBC Protocol Community Ethereum Development Conference Toronto

Past Talks

Date Topic Event Location Recording
5th April 2018 The InterBlockChain Protocol Decentralize SG Singapore TBA
23rd March 2018 4 Dimensional Scaling with Tendermint and Cosmos ZK Summit Berlin Watch
10th March 2018 3 Dimensional Scaling with Tendermint and Cosmos Ethereum Community Development Conference (ETHCC) Paris Watch
5th August 2017 Cosmos China Opening: HackAtom Shanghai Cosmos China Community Shanghai Watch
13th July 2017 Tendermint Workshop: Quickstart Guide for Tendermint, Basecoin, and Ethermint DLT Jam Session London Watch
12th July 2017 The Cosmos Project Blockchain ecosystem London Watch
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